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Overview of Oracle Project Costing


Defining Projects for Costing

     Defining Costing-Related Project Information

     Controlling Expenditures


Overview of Budgetary Controls, Budget Integration and Core Budgeting

     Budgetary Controls

     Budget Integration



Entering Expenditures

     Entering, Releasing, and Submitting PreApproved Batches

     Automatically Reversing Expenditure Batches

     Entering Expenditure Batches Using Microsoft Excel

     Importing Transactions


Implementing Expenditures


Performing Cost Processing

     Performing Cost Distribution

     Creating Accounting

     Running Streamline Processes

     Understanding Period Processing


Accounting for Costs

     Implementing AutoAccounting

     AutoAccounting and the Account Generator

     Integration with Oracle Subledger Accounting


Implementing Non-Labor Costing


Implementing Labor Costing


Implementing Burden Costing

     Overview of Burdening

     Storing Burden Costs

     Accounting for Burden Costs

     Defining Burden Structures and Schedules

     Processing Burden Costs


Performing Cost Adjustments


Integration with Oracle Purchasing and Oracle Payables

     Overview of Supplier Costs

     Integration with Oracle Purchasing

     Integration with Oracle Payables

     Interfacing Supplier Costs

     Managing Subcontractor Payments

     Commitment Reporting

     Adjusting Supplier Costs

     Implementing Integration


Integration with Oracle Internet Expenses

     Entering and Processing Project-Related Expense Reports

     Implementation Setup Steps


Integration with Oracle Time & Labor

     Entering and Processing Project-Related Timecards

     Implementation Setup Steps


Allocations and AutoAllocations

     Defining Allocation Rules

     Processing Allocations

     Defining AutoAllocations Sets

     Processing AutoAllocations


Asset Capitalization

     Overview of Asset Capitalization

     Capitalizing Assets

     Implementing Asset Capitalization


Cross Charge

     Overview of Cross Charge

     Processing Borrowed and Lent Cross Charges

     Implementing Borrowed and Lent Cross Charge Processing