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Explaining the basic concepts of Inbound, Outbound, and Warehousing

·       Describing Inbound Logistics

·       Describing Outbound Logistics

·       Explaining Value Added Services

·       Describing Material Control

·       Defining Foundation Terms


Administration Overview

·       Describe administrative roles at each level

License Management

·       Describe owner company and partner company licenses


·       Design and maintain Company Relationships

·       Setup and maintain Company level Business Processes

User Administration

·       Describe methods for adding Partner and Sponsor Company Users

·       Create and maintain Groups, and assign and manage permissions to Groups

·       Create and maintain User Preference Templates

·       Administer Users and Groups assignments in Shells


Standards and Libraries Management

·       Create and maintain Templates

·       Create and maintain Folder Structure templates

Shell Manager and Shells

·       Configure Shell Manager

·       Create and maintain Shell Instances (Single and Multiple)



·       Design,execute, update and maintain Shell Solutions and Shell Templates

·       Set up Business Processes in Shell Templates

·       Add Groups in a Shell Template

·       Embed Stand Alone Templates in Shell Template

uDesigner Processes

·       Import from uDesigner: Business Processes, Attributes, and Shells

·       Explain configuration issues related to Business Processes, Shell Manager, and Navigation Tabs

Data Structure Setup

·       Explain module functionality

·       Describe data definitions and data elements

·       Enter data definition values manually or via import

Business Process Creation

·       Create and Modify Business Processes Including Shell Information, Line Item Type, Text Type and Document Type Business Processes

·       Define Conditional Routing on a Business Process

·       Define Sub Workflow on a Business Process

·       Define Consolidation on a Business Process

·       Add Integration to a Business Process

·       Test a Business Process


·       Demonstrate multiple ways to re-use Forms

·       Add Formulas to a Form

·       Create Validation on Upper Forms and Detail Forms

·       Create Document Manager Attributes and Forms

·       Create Record Statuses

uDesigner Versioning

·       Use Snapshots for partial restoration

Export Designs from Unifier

·       Create and export Design Bundles