ERP consultancy


ICM software house is an ERP consultancy company, where ERP consultants and ERP solutions are set up to consult and advise manufacturing and commercial companies. ERP consultants touch any area of the ERP consulting process and select the most adapt ERP solutions. ERP research, selection, and choice are performed world-wide by highly skilled ERP consultants at ICM.


ICM renders end-to-end ERP consultancy to organization, irrespective of brands (be it SAP, oracle or Microsoft). In the entire process, particular attention is paid to the audit role, which determines ERP feasibility to adapt business dynamics, cost Factors and compliance test.

Perfect combination of functional, technical, project management and systems experience, are some of the unique skills of the ERP Consultants at ICM software house.

ICM software house's ERP consultants also select and appraise specialised ERP systems, after performing a complete gap and fit analysis. ICM specialises in ERP consulting services tailored to meet your requirements. ICM's ERP consultants will assist your staff thorough the whole ERP consulting process. You will be entering the world of ERP, with a full set of alternate ERP solutions, or specialised ERP systems.  


Our ERP consultants offer specialized ERP consulting services to select and choose specialised ERP systems or modules, especially when client's requirements are very specific and point out to a  specialized ERP   package. ERP-mixed architecture can also be designed, coupling the versatility of ERP solutions with the specific features of a specialised ERP module, but you will need highly skilled ERP consultants to run the whole ERP consulting process safely. 


ICM's ERP consultants have sometimes to deal with an ERP-related product configuration which is too complex and requires not only to identify a range of ERP solutions, but also specialised software modules. Even so, no one can renounce the versatility of ERP modules. ERP consultants and ERP consulting make you reach integrated information architecture. ERP software programs cover Admin, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, and Production activities. Highly skilled ERP consultants must coach the whole process.


ERP consultants at ICM analyse business requirements and provide client's top management with an ERP consulting strategy to full-fill those requirements: no matter any ERP-related   business reengineering   implications in the ERP consulting process, ERP consultants, ERP solutions, and specialised ERP systems are all components of the great game: transforming ERP consulting into a chance to give our clients a competitive advantage!